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What is Squad? Squad is a tactical first person shooter set in modern day which has a big focus around Combined Arms engagements across many different locations fighting between two factions at a time. There are currently 7 factions with more on the way in 2021 including a version of the Australian Defence Force!

Aussie Battler Gaming currently hosts a Squad server, we run a dynamic random layer rotation including the AAS (Advance and Secure) & RAAS (Random Advance and Secure) gamemodes with the oppurtunity of two Invasion gamemode layers during peak periods every Saturday & Sunday.

Our Server

The big question and the one everyone wants to know, what server specifications are we running? Well thanks to the team at Southnode servers our server will be running a cool:

  • i9 10900K CPU

  • 12GB of RAM

  • Real time CPU priority and;

  • Premier Support from Southnode!


We want nothing but the best for our community and server performance is essential in having fun and enjoyable gameplay!

We have plans for an events server after 3 months from launch with the intent to run an event once a fortnight on the weekend offseting Saturday & Sunday so everyone gets an oppurtunity to attend!

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