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BF3: Reality Mod Rules

1.0 Game Rules


1.1 Common sense applies when playing the game & reading the rules. ABG's Community Rules are enforced on all ABG Reality Mod Servers.


1.2 Offensive names for either players or Squads are not permitted if they would be deemed offensive to the average person.


1.3 No Teamkilling, revenge teamkilling the person/Squad mate that teamkilled you is not allowed under any circumstance.


1.4 Players must actively participate in gameplay by joining a Squad and actively playing the objectives.

  • 1.4.1 Squad Leader kits are mandatory for all Squad Leaders.


1.5 Squad leaders are expected to lead their Squads and use a microphone at all times, creating a Squad without the intention of running it is not allowed and you will be kicked.


1.6 Ghosting is prohibited. Providing information of the other teams Squads, Rallys or HABs which would affect game-play.

1.7 All Squad Leaders reserve the right to kick any member of their Squad without reason, do not retaliate, if you have an issue see an admin or join another Squad.

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