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Hell Let Loose Rules

1.0 General Rules


1.1 Common sense applies when playing the game & reading the rules.

1.2 Racism, sexism, hate-speech or any kind of interaction that is discriminatory is not tolerated.

1.3 Advertising clans, communities, websites or other individual/group is forbidden without approval of a Manager.

1.4 Impersonation of any ABG members or it's staff is strictly forbidden.

1.5 It is strongly recommended that Artillery is operated by an Infantry Squad Leader, or the Commander. Continued use of artillery by Armour or recon units can be considered a waste of resources.

1.6 Ghosting is prohibited. Providing information of the other teams Squads, vehicles or HABs which would affect game-play.

1.7 No team killing, ghosting, glitching, griefing, spamming, exploiting and/or cheating.

1.8 Do not waste or misuse team assets, this includes but is not limited to:
1.8.1 Misuse of vehicles against the direction of the Commander of Squad Leader (e.g. 1-way vehicle transports, misuse of trucks etc)
1.8.2 Firing artillery against direction from the Commander or Squad Leader.

1.9 In order to promote fair play, HQ Areas are protected zones and as such have special rules. It is not permitted to enter these zones unless either of the below conditions are met:
1.9.1 They can be entered to eliminate artillery only and must be exited once this is complete.

2.0 The HQ area is free to enter and attack the final objective (warfare) or defend the first objective (offensive), however players should not camp the HQ spawns.

2.1 You must join/create a unit or you will be considered AFK and may be kicked.

2.2 Do not create a unit unless you intend on leading it (i.e. don't create a unit and leave).

2.3 All leadership positions (Commander, Squad Leader) must communicate effectively via VoIP or text. VoIP is strongly recommended for a better play experience.

2.4 Squad leaders may kick you for any reason they wish. Do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (if you have an issue with it) or join another squad.

2.5 Ensure you and your squad are playing the objective(s) attacking/defending/supporting) as often as possible.

2.6 Solo armour squads are not permitted.

2.7 Solo tank play (unlocked) is permitted if working and communicating with the team.

2.8 Locked solo Recon squads are not permitted.

3.0 Seeding Rules - Below 40 players (20v20)

3.1 Fight over the centre objective only while in seeding.

3.2 No locked units during seeding.

3.3 Commander abilities are not to be used during seeding.

3.4 The use of vehicles is strictly for transport to the centre objective only.

3.5 Seeding is in effect when the server is below 40 players `(20  v 20)`, seeding will be called off at staff discretion.

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