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About Us

Aussie Battler Gaming is a new Gaming Community in the Oceanic region, while new our team comes with a wide variety of skills from all different platforms. We are dedicated to providing quality services and support for our community members by having an advanced support system & hosting services with only the best quality performance!


The Community Owners three highest priorities are:

  • Community Support (Tailored high performance servers, community engagement & a professional support system)

  • Transparency (Detailed updates of whats happening and the community direction)

  • Staff and Community member well-being (Mental & Physical well-being are extremely important)

Current Server Hosting & the Future
We currently host a Squad server with a big community focus around the game, however we have big asperations to expand into many big gaming titles in the next 12 months. Appreciating that the big titles will be the main focus for expansion, we will also be looking into hosting smaller games that the community enjoy such as Valheim, 7 Days to Die & any other community title that's viable.


Our staff team come from a variety of backgrounds and we pride ourselves on providing friendly, quick and professional support to our community. We always want feedback from the community so we can grow and tailor our operations to you, submit a staff feedback form in less than a minute from the first link below. ABG is always looking for new staff members so if what we offer interests you, submit a Staff Application Form from the link below.

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