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Squad Server Rules

1.0 General Rules


1.1 Common sense applies when playing the game & reading the rules. ABG's Community Rules and the Squad Code of Conduct are enforced on all ABG Squad Servers.


1.2 Offensive names for either players or Squads are not permitted if they would be deemed offensive to the average person.


1.3 No Teamkilling, all players are to apologise for any teamkills in all chat.

  • 1.3.1 Revenge teamkilling the person/Squad mate that teamkilled you is not allowed under any circumstance.


1.4 Players must actively participate in gameplay by joining a Squad and actively playing the objectives - unassigned players will be kicked.

  • 1.4.1 Squad Leader kits are mandatory for all Squad Leaders.

  • 1.4.2 Unarmed role is not permitted under any circumstance.


1.5 Squad leaders are expected to lead their Squads and use a microphone at all times, creating a Squad without the intention of running it is not allowed and you will be kicked.


1.6 Ghosting is prohibited. Providing information of the other teams Squads, vehicles or HABs which would affect game-play.

2.0 In-Game Rules

2.1 Do not waste vehicles by abandoning them or not using them for their specific role. For example leaving a MBT outside of the area of play without a crew.

2.2 Excessive team stacking will result in team changes, for example 2-3 Squads full of clan members.

2.3 Do not engage with emplacements or vehicles just outside of main unless necessary to deal with being camped at main.

2.4 Misusing, wasting or deliberately damaging team assets is prohibited, the following will be considered a rule breach.

  • 2.4.1 Using team assets for personal use.

  • 2.4.2 Abandoning vehicles after you're done with them, return them to a friendly FOB, Squad or return it back to main.

  • 2.4.3 Utilising a helicopter to ram another helicopter is a misuse of team assets including ramming the ground, ramming another helicopter or rotor tapping.

2.5 All Squad Leaders reserve the right to kick any member of their Squad without reason, do not retaliate, if you have an issue see an admin or join another Squad.

2.6 Radios should not be covered in an excessive amount of placeable objects.


2.7 All vehicles that require a crewman kit require at least two crewman.

  • 2.7.1 A Squad will have claim over a vehicle based on whoever created their Squad first and has a valid name claim over the respective vehicle.

  • 2.7.2 Vehicles that require a crewman kit or a pilot kit are limited to 1 per Squad.

  • 2.7.3 All armed vehicles are claimable.

  • 2.7.4 Priority/claim over a vehicle will only be in effect if the vehicle is spawning or spawned at main. Claims will not be enforced unless you are able to get to it within a reasonable amount of time. Enforcement is at staff discretion.

  • 2.7.5 If a Squad takes command they forfeit any right to vehicle claims.

  • 2.7.6 Squads are only able to claim one type of vehicle with reference to their Squad name. e.g. no "MBT/BMP" Squad names.

2.8 Vehicles that require a crewman kit shouldn't be used by Squad Leaders leading a Squad of Infantry, unless providing efficient capability to the team and direction to their Squad. Enforcement at staff discretion.

2.9 Main camping is not allowed. Starting an engagement with enemies located in areas surrounding main and the first/closest cap is main camping.

2.9.1 Main Camping does not apply on Server 2.

2.9.2 Main camping rules apply UNLESS one of the below is true:

- There is no jointly contested cap e.g. rushing the first cap is valid to do

- The first/closest cap is the active objective e.g. first cap on invasion layers

- An enemy FOB is in that area - Enemies are firing from that area.

2.9.3 Combat engineers may place mines near main but must NOT loiter near main afterwards. Place your mines and leave immediately. If engaged can shoot in defence.

2.9.4 Main Camping will be enforced at staff discretion.

3.0 Seeding Rules - Below 50 Players (25v25)

3.1 The center objective is the only objective to be fought over during the seeding phase.


3.2 No Hell Cannon during seeding.


3.3 Locked squads are prohibited during the seeding phase.


3.4 The seeding phase is concluded at 50 players (25v25).


4.0 Jensens Range Rules

4.1 No excessive spawn camping, enforced at staff discretion.


4.2 Excessive radio placement in an attempt to block spawns or lag the server will result in removal.


4.3 Do not blow up helicopters on the pads as they are taking off or stationary.


4.4 Do not interrupt people who are using the range to learn a new skill.

4.5 No commander artillery strikes spamming.

4.6 No blowing up other vehicles on their spawn points.

4.7 No excessive teamkilling.

Reporting an Issue

Have an issue with a staff member or a decision made by a staff member?

Report it [here]


Not satisfied with the outcome? You have the option to report it to OWI via this form [here]


Alternatively you can send them an email with the following information:
1. Name of the server
2. Any evidence such as a picture, video etc
3. Time and date of the incident.


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