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Discord Rules

1.0 Keep it Friendly


1.1 Please use common courtesy & respect when talking to other members.

1.2 Personal attacks, threats or abuse are not tolerated.

1.3 Do not post NSFW, disturbing or insensitive content in public channels.

2.0 No Spam

2.1 This includes short messages, similar messages, rapid messages, bulk private messages and microphone abuse.

3.0 Respect Others

3.1 Bullying, discrimination, racism, trash talking, excessive trolling or harassment will result in a mute or potential removal depending on the severity.

4.0 Stay on Topic

4.1 Please make sure you are posting in the right text channels. In-proper use of channels can result it a server mute if previously warned.

5.0 Exploits & Cheats

5.1 Any promotion of exploits & cheats will result in a permanent ban.

6.0 Political Views


6.1 No political views are to be discussed without approval from the Management Team first.

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